Fashion chic V&A

I discoved the Fashion chic V&A page on facebook. It includes the latest fashion trends and amazing combinations of clothes..Loved it!!!     Advertisements


I could describe Santorini as the ideal island for couples.. Below you can see different pictures  that I took during my vacantions in Santorini two years ago. To be continued…


Fassolada is a Greek  and Cypriot (gluten free) soup made by dry white beans, carottes, celery, parsley and ognions. It is very healthy and good choice for people who suffer from  allergies in gluten. Preparation: Put the dry beans into  a bowl of water at least  two hours before you boil them (like this the…

What should I wear in a wedding?

You should definitely avoid white and black. The white because you SHOULD NOT seem like the bride or at least be in a competition with the bride. The black because you are going to attend a happy event and not a funeral :p So I suggest you to find a dress either in red (not…


I could describe Andros as the island of wind. It has very nice and clean beaches, good restaurants and an amazing sunset. It is definitely the place to be during the summer period.