What if…

You will wonder why I put this title. Well…There is a strong message behind these two words… Mainly because there is always an if behind our thoughts. Behind our actions. There is always a hesitation to do what we think it’s better for us. Either because of insecurity or because we are afraid to take the situation in our hands and REACT… React to this that make us sad, make us stay stable on a specific domain or situation of our life… We often think: What if I had done this differently, what if I hadn’t crossed my paths with that person…or this situation…what if this and that…” And I will continue by saying that these two words show you one very important thing: That everything that happens in our life happens for a reason…Either to make you stronger, or make you learn from what you did wrong and what you can do better, or make you a better person or simply show you that life is not always full of flowers but also equally full of thorns..

I am usually very optimistic as a person…I always see the rainbow after the rain. I am also a big dreamer. I believe on the existence of the good and I always try to get good out of people. Of course I have been emotionally hurt by people and often from people that I loved a lot. But this is love. To give and at the same time expect from them receiving something equal… Already by thinking this way means that you are a good person. People will see this soon or later even if you will not be any more part of their lives…

These few words are dedicated to all of you that you think that you took a bad decision in your life. Either professionally or privately. There is always something good out of this “bad” decision…Usually it makes you what you are now…And this is very precious…And don t forget that it’s always better to regret for things that you have done-even if they made you sad- than for things that you have never tried or done simply because you had in your mind “what if…”.


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