Lisbon is the capital and the biggest city of Portugal.It is synonym for good food, nice view and friendly people. Advertisements


Rome is one of the best European cities I have ever visited.Whether you are in Rome for 4 days, 4 weeks or 4 months, be prepared to live the amazing experience of being in an open museum of ancient monuments and historic buildings. The pictures below describe this ancient beauty..

Green beans with chicken

Green beans with chicken is a gluten free dish, full of vitamins and nutrients. Ingredients: Green beans, two onions, tomato sauce,chicken. Preparation 1.In a pot put olive oil and the onion.Leave them for 5 minutes to be cooked and then add the chicken. 2.Add three glasses of water and the tomato sauce. 3.When it starts…

Street Art

They say that people express their thoughts through art. Graffiti is one of that..Enjoy some nice street art from different neighborhoods of Brussels.. You could  also have a look at several artistic images exposed  at the MIMA museum of visual arts in Molenbeek . The result is just amazing… MIMA museum Street Art in Brussels’ neigbourhoods:

Milos island

It was two years ago when I visited Milos. I was sure that I would like it from the moment I arrived to the airport. Milos is well-known as the “coloured” island because of the beautiful colours of the sea and cliffs. The Venus of  Milos (Afroditi tis Milou) , the famous Greek sculpture was…

Drunk rice noodles

Drunk rice noodles  is a gluten free dish, which is made by carrottes, parsley, ognions, green pepper, smashed meat, tomato sauce and rice noodles. It is full of vitamines and nutrients and of course very tasty. The pictures below describe the procedure of the preparation: 1. You should cut all the vegetables (carrottes, parsley, ognions,…

Fashion chic V&A

I discoved the Fashion chic V&A page on facebook. It includes the latest fashion trends and amazing combinations of clothes..Loved it!!!    


I could describe Santorini as the ideal island for couples.. Below you can see different pictures  that I took during my vacantions in Santorini two years ago. To be continued…


Fassolada is a Greek  and Cypriot (gluten free) soup made by dry white beans, carottes, celery, parsley and ognions. It is very healthy and good choice for people who suffer from  allergies in gluten. Preparation: Put the dry beans into  a bowl of water at least  two hours before you boil them (like this the…

What should I wear in a wedding?

You should definitely avoid white and black. The white because you SHOULD NOT seem like the bride or at least be in a competition with the bride. The black because you are going to attend a happy event and not a funeral :p So I suggest you to find a dress either in red (not…


I could describe Andros as the island of wind. It has very nice and clean beaches, good restaurants and an amazing sunset. It is definitely the place to be during the summer period.